About Eric Kirk
Eric Kirk is an Atlanta, Georgia based science educator teaching at Druid Hills High School in Atlanta, Georgia. Eric received his MAT in science education at the University of Georgia. He began his undergraduate career as a technical photography major at Appalachian State University before rediscovering his passion for science and research. Driven by his interest in environmental conservation and public health, his professional focus is on high school STEAM education, particularly the earth and life sciences. From a research perspective, Eric is interested in how cross-disciplinary science education can impact the development of moral reasoning skills from a psychological, sociological, and anthropological lens. While photography is now Eric's hobby, much of his work is available for print or licensing, and he is still available for the occasional commissioned project upon request. 
Eric enjoys shooting portraiture as well as anything that could be considered documentary work... except weddings.
He does not shoot weddings.
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